Since I started backpacking a few years ago I've dropped some pieces of gear I didn't like (looking at you Sawyer filter that was always clogged up) and I've upgraded some pieces to reduce my overall weight. After my real world experience and reading tons of reviews, this is all of the gear I'd choose from Day 1 if I was starting from scratch.

This list isn't the best for everyone! I only go backpacking during the summer/early fall so if you're looking for gear that will get you through the winter, this isn't it.

Best Ultralight Backpacking Gear List for 2019



Disclaimer: Backpacks are highly subjective and there's no "1 size fits all" backpack. I'd recommend finding a local store and trying them on in person. I bought my first pack from REI and quickly changed to an Osprey pack after trying several on in person.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Pads

Water Treatment