Your phone is an awesome tool that can perform a variety of tasks. That is if you have the right apps for the job.

When navigating unknown territory using a compass is a great way to stay on track. Your phone can serve as a compass and help guide you through thick and thin.

Here are the four best compass apps available on Android devices.

Altimeter GPS Pro

Altimeter GPS Pro

This fully featured navigation app is far more than just a simple compass. In the basic navigation mode, it will show you direction, distance traveled, speed, and the total time that has elapsed since you opened the app.

There is also a slew of maps that you can use in conjunction with your compass. There are standard topography, aerial, and hybrid options that fit any preference.

All the data of your trip is stored and you can then email the details of your travels to anyone in the world. This allows you to share your journey later or request help if you are stuck.

This app is a great tool that is more than just for simple fun. It may even save your life one day if things get particularly hairy on your travels.

Overall, this app is well worth the download even if you had to pay for it. Luckily, Altimeter GPS is completely free!

Digital Field Compass

Digital Field Compass

If you want something that is far more simple to use, check out the Digital Field Compass app. It is a very powerful navigation tool even without all of the bells and whistles featured on other more advanced software.

This simple compass saves your battery life while still giving you very precise directions. It manages this by doing away with fancy backgrounds and additional data storage.

There is even a dark mode for when you are traveling at night.

The app nows when you are receiving magnetic interference and alerts you when the compass may be going haywire. There are also advanced pitch and roll settings in case you decide to use it from a boat.

This app is free as well so is well worth checking out if you prefer to keep things simple and want to preserve your battery life for as long as possible.

Compass 360 Pro

Digital Field Compass

This is another incredibly basic compass app that gets the job done very nicely. While it does have some extra features, this app was designed to be as easy to use as possible.

This compass works across the whole globe which makes it stand out from all the ones that only cover a single hemisphere. The degrees are in decimal format and expert navigators can even enjoy bearing marks.

These bearings can be shown in either magnetic north or true north settings. When used with a topographical map, it is possible to locate just about anything with just this app.

As the bearings shift, the visual display updates in real time and looks very professional. This app is great for those who aren’t used to technology or want to learn how to use a compass.

It is by far the most simple compass to use without skimping on effectiveness.

3D Compass Plus

3D Compass Plus

This app focuses more on fun while still providing a solid tool that you can use to navigate with ease. It uses augmented reality to show a 3D display featuring the address, compass, map, and coordinates of your current location.

There are also speed and time ela[sed options if you want to get technical.

You can easily record your route and share it with your friends and family. The geocaching aspect adds a bit of fun that the other more serious apps on this list lack.

It is also a great tool for teaching navigation to a younger audience. The augmented reality view is fun to explore and will keep children engaged for long periods of time.

This app is great for anyone with kids or who just wants to play around with a compass for a bit.

As you can see, Android devices have many options for compasses and navigation alike. Whether you want a fully featured navigation suite like Altimeter GPS, or just want a basic compass like Compass 360 pro, the Google Play store has a free option for you.