Stop! If your shoes have started to break down and you're thinking about throwing them away, DON'T DO IT!

You can actually fix hiking shoes really easily with some glue. But it has to be the right kind of glue.

Not all glues are created equally and if you choose the wrong one you could be seriously disappointed. 

This guide will give you some tips on how to repair your shoes with glue and a few of the glues that work best for repairing hiking shoes. Don't want to read the whole thing? Here's the #1 choice.

Gorilla Glue - Best Glue for Repairing Shoes

Gorilla glue (specifically this clear grip waterproof version) is the best glue to repair your hiking shoes.

Gorilla glue cures quickly and this specific style is clear when dried. It also expands and foams up after you apply it which helps with the waterproof seal.

That foaming action is also something to watch out for. Don't put too much on your shoe or you'll have a huge foam mess everywhere. Just apply a thin layer and wait for it to dry.

We’ve all been there before. Our favorite pair of shoes is mostly still intact, but the sole begins to pull away from the shoe due to how often you wear them. While some people might just toss these shoes out, there is no reason you can’t use glue to make some easy repairs!

If you have shoes that just need a little DIY to last you another year or two, finding the right glue to help repair them is the key. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of glue to choose as well as some top options.

Features To Look For In Your Glue

When you’re trying to get glue that will actually repair your shoes, you have to make sure that the glue has a few specific characteristics:

  • The glue should dry either clear or match the shoe color.

This might be obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people forget to consider that the glue they use on their shoes might be visible.

When choosing glue to repair a specific pair of shoes, make sure that the color matches. 

  • The glue should create a flexible bond.

A regular glue is not meant to be used on items that bend and flex in the way that a shoe does. If the glue cannot bend, the shoe will be impossible to wear, or the glued parts of the shoes will come unfixed in just a small number of wears. Either way, you don’t want that!

Glues that create flexible bonds will move with your shoe and also be better at withstanding heat, cold, and moisture changes since the bonds will stick to the shoe in a more cohesive and long-lasting way.

  • The glue should be permanent and waterproof.

While most flexible glues will already be waterproof, it’s important that you triple check that the glue is marketed to be both waterproof and permanent.

 If water can move around the glue, your feet will get wet and the glue bond could actually come loose! For the same reason, it’s important to make sure you choose permanent glue so that the attachment where you made repairs doesn’t degrade over time.

Best Glue for Repairing Shoes: Our Top Three Picks

Without further ado, let's fix your shoe (clever, eh?).

Here are the 3 best glue choices for repairing a broken shoe.

Top Pick - Gorilla Glue Clear & Waterproof

Gorilla glue works really well for repairing shoes. Just make sure you get the right kind.

This specific model dries clear and is waterproof. It foams up and expands when it dries so make sure to not over-apply when you use it or you'll make a huge mess.

You won't need to use much glue to repair your shoe and this stuff is pretty cheap which means the cost to repair your shoe will probably be around $.25-$.50 depending on the size. 


  • Cheap, expands after application so you can get more uses
  • Dries very quickly and lasts for a long time
  • Well known brand, quality product, can be used for many other applications


  • You will use too much the first time. Guaranteed. It foams up so be prepared.

Runner Up - Shoe GOO Adhesive

Shoe GOO is one of those glues that you’ll always find recommended when people talk about repairing leather, vinyl rubber, and canvas shoes, and there is a good reason for that.

The glue is available in both clear and black colors so that you can find the right glue for your needs. One thing that should be mentioned about using this glue is that you must follow the instructions. They suggest using multiple very thin layers of the product for neat and clean results.

That being said, this glue can really pour all over the place if you aren’t careful. Be sure to spread out a newspaper when using, and make sure to do some practice work on scrap material before beginning the repair process.


  • Safe to use on multiple types of shoes
  • Long-lasting results
  • Glues damaged shoelaces, insoles, and heels


  • Can be messy
  • 24 hours waiting time

Runner Up - Boot-Fix Shoe Glue

Boot-Fix is another shoe glue that is specifically created to repair shoes at the professional level without paying a cobbler to do the work. If you have shoes that have a loose insole or another small issue, this glue can solve that problem.

This clear formula is flexible and can be used on rubber and vinyl footwear. The gluing process does take a little bit of time to cure, but you don’t have to clamp the shoe as you might have to with other glues, and the drying phase does not take too much time as well.

However, that also means that it is very easy to accidentally drip glue somewhere that you don’t want it. If you do have any glue spills, they need to be wiped up almost instantaneously, or they will leave a stain. Still, if you follow the glue’s directions, you’ll find that this flexible bond is stronger than the bond you could get from more brittle glue like super glue.


  • Dries quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Multipurpose
  • Flexible
  • Long-lasting results


  • Dried glue appears white when too much glue is used
  • Might stain your floor or other areas where the glue drips
  • More expensive than first 2 choices

Parting Advice

Having glue that is specifically designed to repair shoes can save you a ton of money from frequently buying new pairs of shoes as well as going to the shoe repair shop.

The three products we discussed above all work great since the results are good and long lasting. Each one of them, though, has features that meet specific needs and lifestyles.

Try to find the right fit for your needs but if you’re not sure just go with the Gorilla glue. You won’t be disappointed.