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Best Portable Shower for Camping

If you love the great outdoors and the adventure of camping but you don’t relish the thought of not getting adequately showered for the duration of your trip, then a portable shower could be up next on your list of camping accessories to purchase.

While it’s true that many campsites do have fabulous amenities, if you either don’t like the idea of sharing a shower facility with a host of strangers, or you’ve set up camp in the wilderness for an adventure with all the thrills but none of the frills, then a portable camping shower could be a lifesaver. It’s either that or packing a serious amount of extra deodorant!

Outdoor activities and camping are gaining more popularity these days as fun and budget-friendly ways to spend some much needed relaxation and recreation time with your friends and family. Not everyone likes to rough it, though.

For some of us, having access to more of the amenities we enjoy at home can make the experience that little bit more pleasurable. We don’t all want our camping adventure to be a Grizzly Adams style survival challenge. Some of us prefer to be at one with nature and our families but in a more restful environment while retaining our usual levels of hygiene and cleanliness.

The great news is that you are very well catered to by many household camping brands when it comes to selecting your new portable camping shower. There are all kinds of versions from the most basic and budget friendly that is really little more than a shower head attachment, to a full pop up shower cubicle with its own hanging towel bar.

The only thing this one doesn’t come with is your own personal back scrubber! So let’s take a look at three of the best portable showers for camping to help you make your decision.

Advanced Elements Solar Shower

The Advanced Elements Solar Shower is perfect for those summer camping trips or for any outdoor activities where you might need to clean up quickly and conveniently in camp rather than trying to find a facility or a source of what will most likely be a cold natural running water.

With its sturdy 4-ply construction, it is durable and dependable. It even comes fitted with an ON/OFF shower head with an extra-large screw cap valve which is super easy to operate.

Once you’ve done enjoying that hot outdoor shower, the unit simply rolls up for easy, compact and convenient storage. If staying clean is important to you and you prefer your water warm and fast, then the Advanced Elements Solar Shower is a great option.


  • Entirely powered by solar technology to be environment friendly
  • Generous 5-Gallon capacity with easy to use on/off showerhead
  • Convenient side pocket perfect for soap, shampoo or gel
  • Durably constructed from 4-ply material with reflector and insulator panels
  • Handy Velcro straps for your washcloths


When filled to its 5-gallon capacity, it is heavy to lift

Rispero Solar Camping Shower

This Rispero Camping Shower is perfect if you prefer to take your showers warm rather than a bracing (some might prefer to say invigorating) cold one! That’s because it operates on environmentally friendly solar power which enables you to get hot water of up to 45 degrees Celsius within a few hours.

It also features an advanced shower head that not only handily switches on and off, but also provides two water flow settings which put you in control of the amount of water you use. You can go for a low or a high current setting.

The shower set also features a sizeable 20 liter capacity water bag, along with a long and flexible hose. This makes it the perfect portable camping shower for holiday adventures and beachside showering.


  • Water capacity for up to 20 liters
  • Long, flexible hose for convenient showering
  • Temperature indicator feature
  • Operates on environmentally friendly solar power
  • Lightweight and portable; folds for secure storage and carry
  • Advanced shower head with low and high water current settings


  • Prone to leakage and complaints that the hose frequently detaches

Texsport Portable Camping Shower

Part camp shower and part shelter, this is certainly in the more conventional shower cubicle style and offers plenty of privacy. OK, it’s going to take some assembly, so you probably aren’t going to want to bother with this for a quick overnight adventure.

Might as well jump in the lake for that! However, if you are planning an extended vacation in the great outdoors, then you are just going to love diving into a shower without the rest of the camp watching you as you go about your duties.

Featuring two mesh windows, zippered storm flaps and mesh roof panels there’s also plenty of ventilation. There’s even a front door! How fancy! Better still, there’s a removable external towel bar and an internal shower rack to store and organize all your toiletries. Is there anything they haven’t thought of for this Texsport Portable Camping Shower? Make like a VIP and be the envy of the campsite with this luxurious showering facility.


  • Large and spacious, deluxe 5-gallon camp shower
  • Complete with an external towel hanging bar and internal toiletry rack
  • Constructed from heavy-duty fabric with rainfly and rip-stop floor
  • Includes all stakes required and carry bag
  • Two mesh windows and four mesh roof panels for superior ventilation
  • Fully secure, flame retardant shower shelter


  • Can be cumbersome to set up and heavy to transport


These are three incredibly different looking, portable showers that are great options for the seasoned campers among you. There’s one in this selection of showers that will suit all budgets, too. The Anglink is super portable, lightweight, and easy to use, plus it comes with a handy suction cap so that you can use the showerhead with ease.

With the Rispero you get the option to shower with warm water and control the water flow setting. This operates via solar power, so it’s a great environmentally friendly option, too.

The deluxe Texsport shower is contained within its own private cubicle, and while it may take more assembly and not be as convenient to transport as the other two, it does provide more of the homey comforts that you might find beneficial if you are on a more extended camping trip. All three are excellent recommendations if you are looking to invest in a new shower for your camping experience.

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