Rain gear is one piece of backpacking gear that gets ignored.

When I started backpacking I didn't think my choice of rain gear was that important.

Until I finally ended up hiking during an eight hour down pour.

Then I realized I needed a real rain coat.

So I bought the Marmot Precip. Everything I had read said it was awesome and it turns out, they're right. 

I love my Marmot Precip and I'm going to tell you why. I'd recommend it in a heart beat and I think it's the best value you'll find for a backpacking rain jacket.



Some people complain that this jacket runs big but it's the perfect size IM.

Remember: You want a rain jacket to be a little bigger on you so that you're able to layer it over other a base and mid (and maybe even puffy jacket) layers as a shell to protect against the wind and rain.


The Precip strikes a nice balance between weather protection and breathability. 

This is really hard for rain coats to pull off, too.

  • Too breathable and it leaks water.
  • Not breathable enough and you're sweating your ass off inside your coat while technically remaining "dry".

No thanks.

It’s not super thick material, so it lets out some of the heat while you're hiking. 

It also comes with armpit zips that help to vent out extra heat if needed. 

But it still is made from solid, fully waterproofed material, and it’s also seam sealed, so it won’t let the water in....ever.


Another area where Marmot nailed it is with how lightweight this jacket is. 

Weighing in at just 13oz, this jacket is pretty lightweight compared to the competition.

It's definitely on the lighter side (a bit lighter than the REI Rainer, for example). 

But it’s not quite “ultralight” either—there are definitely lighter options out there for those obsessed with cutting down weight for long-distance outdoor adventures.

But that'll cost you more $$$$.

Most other jackets in the Precip price range are going to weight 3-5oz more without any extra benefits. That's why the Precip is so good. It's just a huge value for your money. Top notch performance at bargain prices.

Other Features

One nice thing about the Precip is how it locks down around the body.

The wrists, hood, neck, zipper, and pockets all have velcro, clips and cords that help you adjust it to your body and make sure everything is snug and secured for when the rain really starts to come down.

Another nifty feature is that it can be completely stuffed into its own pocket, so you can condense it down into a tight package that can be thrown into a backpack and carried with you.


This jacket is great but it has it's flaws. At this price point you'll have to give up a few things but overall they aren't deal breakers.

Needs Time to Dry Out

This isn’t a huge con for me, but it’s worth mentioning.

This is a mid-weight rain jacket. If you are going to be trudging through really thick rain for several days, you will need something a little thicker with a little more coverage. 

Of course, that comes with a weight trade-off, so it’s ultimately a matter of what matters most to you.

In really thick rain, though, be prepared to get a little wetness coming through with this jacket.

I primarily use this jacket on backpacking trips, so for me it’s all about balancing weight against functionality, and this is right where I am most comfortable.


While I said earlier that I liked how this jacket can fold down into its pocket, I should add that it doesn’t compress down all that small.

The Smartwool Ultra Light Hoodie, for example, can get packed down into a much smaller space.

So if you are hoping to take this on an extended camping or backpacking trip, you should consider how much space you will have to dedicate to it in your pack for all of those times you do not need to be wearing it.

One way around this is to store it and your other clothes in a compression sack. But remember, compressing gear like a rain jacket too much can start to damage the fibers over time and eventually reduce the garment’s ability to shed water.

If you do go the compression route, you'll need to re-treat the jacket sooner than normal to keep it repelling water like it’s supposed to.


Overall, the Marmot Precip is one of the best rain jackets on the market today below $100.

It will keep you dry, it's lightweight, packed with useful features, decently priced, and it looks fantastic.

If you're looking for something you can wear to work but will also keep you dry in the back country, this is the jacket you've been searching for.