Want to know one of the best backpacks on the market at the moment? The Osprey Atmos 65 AG fills all of your requirements for a 65-liter backpack offering you comfort as well as plenty of storage space to meet all of your needs. With three different colors to choose from, you can be sure you have the one that is most preferable for you.

The Osprey Atmos not only gives you padded strapping but also several pockets to keep your items separated as necessary and those more important items in easy reach. This backpack is certainly worth the additional cash if it is within your budget. It will provide you with things you didn’t even know you wanted or needed.



  • Available in red, green and grey
  • Made from nylon for a better waterproofing and stronger solution
  • 65 liter backpack
  • Plenty of pocket space with five zip pockets on the outside and three slip pockets, perfect for keeping things close to hand
  • Dual zip panel pockets at the front of the backpack for additional storage
  • Mesh lining on the back of the rucksack to ensure sweat doesn’t drip through onto your items inside your backpack
  • Strong strapping to hold your backpack together once it is full, sealed and ready to move
  • Drawstring top of the backpack to guarantee that your items remain inside during transit. The lid of the backpack – which is securely fastened with clips / buckles – also secures your items inside


  • Being made from nylon means that there is waterproofing in the backpack
  • 65 liters is the perfect size for lengthy travel periods whether during winter, summer, spring or autumn
  • The perfect size for a week away for the whole family, one backpack for all of your needs
  • The numerous pockets are great for storing different items of clothing such as underwear, socks and pajamas for example, as well as batteries, torches etc. which need to be easy to access
  • The mesh lining on the back of the backpack allows for breathing from your body and sweat to seep through but not damage your backpack, which is always a bonus when you are carrying it for any length of time
  • Strong and padded strapping to allow a more comfortable carry for no matter how long it is attached to you
  • Padded hip straps to allow your hips to take some of the strain from your back. These are vital
  • Great double secured top of the backpack with a drawstring pull to keep your clothes inside as well as a detachable and secure lid that goes over the top of the drawstring top to ensure additional covering and security
  • Angled water bottle makes drinking so much easier and saves a vast amount of time (instead of looking for your water bottle) so you can carry on enjoying the scenery or getting from A to B
  • Easy adjustable straps so that the back pack can fit to your body for extra and much needed comfort


  • To ensure a complete waterproofed solution, a waterproof cover would be highly recommended
  • Not ideal for one individual traveling away for a long weekend. It is too big for this option
  • Each pocket requires securing if you are traveling for the long term so you will need several locks for this
  • The backpack weighs a lot if you are not using this for long-term travel
  • The bag has mixed reviews on comfort and it has been suggested that you should purchase the backpack in a store to get it properly fitted to your body shape once you have the size correct. With all large backpacks, comfort is the main thing
  • There is very little clip space available to strap on tents, roll up mats etc.


No matter which size of Osprey Atmos 65 AG you purchase, once the backpack is fitted to you and your body, you can rest assured it is one of the most comfortable rucksacks you will ever wear. By using the hip straps to balance out the load you will actually forget how much you are carrying in your backpack. This may be unbelievable but a very true statement once the fitting is just right.

This particular product has been designed to be hard wearing and take all of the knocks that you naturally get when you are traveling for any length of time whether camping, on buses, trains or planes. This shows in the quality of the product.

The bag has been tried and tested by many with a vastly higher percentage of pros as opposed to cons. There are several storage places, which means that you have easy access to things you need to quickly access. The lid at the top provides you with extra storage as well as security for the items inside the bag. The majority of the strapping on the bag is padded to improve to your comfort. The plain and simple fact is, if you are not comfortable wearing this or any backpack for that matter, you won’t use it.


A great product, which is highly recommended for any serious trekker or those looking at more long-term travel.