The Ozark trail basecamp 14-person cabin tent is perfect for those summer camping vacations with family and friends

If you would like a great all-round large non-freestanding cabin tent, you do not need to look any further than this review. The Ozark Trail Basecamp 14-Person Cabin Tent is a fabulously spacious and well-ventilated tent that allows for complete and utter privacy in each of the four rooms. The mesh ceiling gives you simply the best views of the stars at night allowing the warm summer air to circulate freely through the tent.

With 12 windows around the tent, it is a very light and airy space. The tent itself is extremely simple and quick to assemble and breakdown with only a couple of adults needing to do this. The large amount of space inside the tent allows you to feel right at home even when you are camping for a couple of weeks.



  • Available in blue and orange
  • One of the biggest family cabin tents available
  • 12 windows and 4 doors
  • 4 rooms contained within the tent each with its own entrance / exit door
  • Many set up options when using all of the dividers provided with the tent
  • Electricity port cable available
  • Non free-standing
  • Highest point in the main and central area is 78 inches
  • Mesh ceiling for great views at night during the warmer summer months
  • Size when packed is an impressive 28.5 x 13.75 inches
  • Complete privacy in the rooms with the dividing walls sewn into the tent itself and zippers closing up any peep holes completely


  • Great for summer camping because of the number of windows and the amount of light that can come inside this airy tent
  • Mesh ceiling for great views at night during the warmer summer months
  • Can be used for couples or a group of friends
  • Awesome for camping for families with up to six children with more than enough space for the parents and children to have their own separate rooms and the main center cabin for the chilled out communal area
  • Very easy to assemble and breakdown even in the dark. The whole process can be done by one person although it is easier with two
  • Airbeds – even queen sized – work extremely well with this tent and there is still more than enough space for storage and to move around in each room
  • Great airflow within the tent which keeps it smelling fresh throughout your trip
  • Works well for a week or a fortnight camping trip
  • A large amount of floor space is available inside the tent
  • No leaks even when it does rain slightly
  • Can fit a dog kennel and a couple of dogs inside should you need to
  • The living space allows for tables, an inflatable sofa and chairs so you can really feel at home


  • Only a summer camping tent. Will not be able to withstand high winds and the mesh ceiling means although it is perfect for the summer it will let the cold in during the autumn and winter months
  • Can deal with moderate rain but certainly no snow or heavy rain. Supports and tent poles can be damaged if the rain is heavy, there is a storm or there is snowfall
  • In no way shape or form for backpacking
  • There is nowhere in the four additional rooms to hang lanterns from because of the mesh ceiling. Lanterns can only be hung from the main central area
  • Ensure you purchase a thick footprint or tarp to go under the tent to make sure that you do not get holes in the floor of the tent
  • As with most tents, the stakes are pretty thin. It is advisable to purchase extra stakes to make sure you are fully covered during your camping trips
  • Waterproof the fly before your first camping trip and double check it before every other venture just to make sure you don’t get wet if it does rain
  • The tent has been known to tear at the seams on the first usage so may not be as durable as you would like


This is the absolutely perfect summer camping home from home for family and groups of friends. The uniqueness of this cabin tent, which is non-freestanding, provides you with that extra comfort that the tent will stay up even if it does get a little windy or there is moderate rain. More extreme conditions such as heavy rain or a storm will cause you problems and there may well be a few poles or support structures broken during such elements.

The superb privacy in this tent – with the room partitions being actually sewn into the tent added with the zips closing up every single part of the room – means that you really can have an exclusive area within such a large cabin tent. The space inside is so big that even the family dogs can enjoy the fun and make the most of the starry skies above through the wonderful mesh ceiling.


Although not the most durable of tents, this is absolutely the one of the best summer camping tents with plenty of space to enable you to bring many of your home comforts with you