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Petzl Tikka Headlamp Review

Petzl has been innovating and manufacturing outstanding headlamps for over 30 years and is continually evolving, improving their products. They strive to deliver lighter, more powerful and more adaptable headlamp lights to meet the increasing demands on the consumer, especially for those outdoor enthusiasts among you.

They design performance style gear for people undeterred by lousy lighting or inclement weather conditions who, regardless, still want to get out there and enjoy their adventure.

Their range includes four different categories of headlamps, depending on your requirements. They offer a Classic headlight which is lightweight, easy to operate, and provides hands-free lighting. They have their Active headlamp range which offers comfortable and compact non-stop power.

Going further up the scale, they have a Performance style headlamp which has adaptive and intelligent automatic lighting. Finally, at the very top end of their range is their Specialized headlamp which is designed to cater to use for specific activities that have unique lighting conditions.

Here, we’re reviewing in more detail their innovative Petzl Tikka Headlamp, and looking at all the essential features that lead to it being recommended as a serious contender if you are currently looking to purchase a headlamp.

Petzl Tikka Headlamp

The Petzl Tikka is one of their Classic style headlamps and features their Hybrid Concept technology. They describe this headlamp as helping you to “access the inaccessible,” and really that’s what this headlamp is all about: giving you the freedom to actively explore and push yourself further.

It’s in a compact style that fits securely and snugly around the head and offers 200-lumen brightness, so it provides excellent proximity lighting as well as some active movement, too. It is also very compact and lightweight, so it’s comfortable to wear, whatever the conditions. Plus, it is also weather resistant.

It has a long active burn time, which means that it is a practical solution for all kinds of outdoor activities, including everyday pursuits such as camping and trekking. In fact, the maximum burn time is an impressive 240 hours.

It also makes a great compact and straightforward accessory to take with you on your travels, and to have around the house for those little jobs where you might need some more focused and intense lighting.

There’s a phosphorescent reflector integrated into the Tikka Headlamp, which helps you find your way better in the dark. The red lighting feature prevents you from inadvertently blinding any other members of your party!

The glow in the dark locator is also self-charging when not in use, so it can always be activated when you need it.  The Tikka headband is also fully compatible with their CORE rechargeable battery technology, although this is not included, and nor are standard batteries, of which it takes three.

Speaking of safety features, it comes fitted with a handy whistle, too, in case you get lost and need to call for help.

There are three easy to operate light settings: low, medium, and high – also described as proximity, movement, and vision, which means you are in complete control of the lighting output. This is all around a fantastic, bright, and incredibly practical headlamp solution.

Who is this product for?

This is the perfect headlamp for anyone with an adventurous spirit who loves to get outdoors exploring varied terrains. You don’t just need to be a caving or rock climbing enthusiast, though, to get plenty of practical use out of this headlamp.

It’s so versatile and easy to use, just think about all the different applications even around the house where you might need some extra lighting.

It does make the perfect headlamp for anyone who regularly camps. It’s so much more convenient than having to carry a flashlight, especially if you arrive late and are trying to set up camp, or if you are eating when it’s dark and have food to prepare. You need the convenience of being able to do all of these activities hands-free.

What’s included?

You get the Tikka Headlamp with the fully adjustable comfort hand, and the lumen lamp with 3 lighting modes. There is also a safety whistle. Batteries are not included.

Overview of features

  • Lightweight and compact to wear at only 86g
  • Features long burn time
  • Simple and easy to use with single switch button
  • Three separate lighting modes: proximity, movement, and vision
  • Red lighting function preserves night vision
  • Can easily be located in the dark, thanks to a phosphorescent reflector
  • Hybrid style; use with standard batteries or with CORE rechargeable system
  • Also features a safety whistle for easier location if you get separated


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Bright
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Hybrid concept
  • 3 lighting modes


  • CORE rechargeable pack not included


If you are looking for something even more budget-friendly than the Petzl Tikka, then how about taking a look at the Merger Go Rechargeable headlamp? The beauty of this one is that you will never need to worry about batteries ever again, as it can be charged via USB.

It has 5 separate light modes: high beam, low beam, red light, SOS light for attracting attention, and a strobe light. Just like the Tikka, it is also waterproof, lightweight, comfortable, and a practical solution.


For anyone who loves exploring the outdoors and especially enjoys camping, trekking, mountaineering, and caving pursuits, wearing a headlamp could literally be a lifesaver.

They don’t come much more reliable or practical than this Petzl Tikka Headlamp. With its 3 light settings and its easy-to-operate on/off switch, it provides you with a complete hands-free experience so that you can get on with the necessary jobs.

Whether that is setting up a campfire at night, getting under the engine of your car at home, or exploring an underground cave, there are so many uses for this headlamp that you will appreciate. Overall it is compact, lightweight, comfortable to wear, and offers a bright, long burning light.

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