Renowned for their comfort-before-style appearance, Crocs are the perfect everyday footwear for around the house. Even some claim to fame people like Jack Nicholson and George W. Bush have publically wore a pair of brightly colored Crocs.

In addition, some Croc enthusiasts believe these soft and colorful clog type shoes are ideal for hiking. In fact, there has been much debate of whether Crocs are really a good hiking shoe.

A pair of crocs on a kayak

Some would even say that you would be crazy to wear Crocs as a hiking shoe. 

On the contrary, there are many professional hikers that will swear that Crocs are the ‘textbook’ shoes for hiking in certain terrain. Nevertheless, there are numerous pros and cons to wearing Crocs when hiking. 


It may come to a surprise, but Crocs actually have quite a few positive features and benefits. 

  • Dry super quick 
  • Very low impact 
  • Nice cozy cushion 
  • Perfect for wading
  • Strong and resilient 
  • Good for stream crossings
  • Extremely comfy on tired feet
  • Have a barefoot walking quality
  • Great slip-ons for around the camp
  • Durable and offer decent protection 
  • Functions well on flat dirt and even terrain 
  • They breathe well and weigh from 11 to 16 ounces
  • Perfect shoes for hikes with multiple water crossings 
  • Built in carabiner loops for attaching to the outside of your pack 
  • Antibacterial lining (prescribed for people with foot defects and diabetes) 


There are also a few negative Croc features that you need to be aware of before using them as a hiking shoe. 

  • Bad on sharp rocky terrain 
  • Come off easily in the water 
  • Offers minimal toe protection 
  • Cannot be worn for long periods of time 
  • Can be dangerous in wet and slippery conditions 
  • Very flexible shank which may cause the heel of the foot to slip around encouraging injury 
  • Does not adequately secure the heel leading to calluses, tendinitis, nail issues and toe deformities 
  • Not suitable for rocky or gravel-like slopes; chunks of rocks can get into your Crocs making it very uncomfortable and practically impossible to avoid


Perhaps Crocs are the perfect solution for comfort and durability around base camp. They give your feet the needed rest after hiking in your heavy laden boots all day long. They also allow your feet to breathe while your boots are drying near the campfire.

one croc shoe laying on the sand

They are made from a patented closed-cell resin, which offers durability without forfeiting comfort. In addition, Crocs are also easy-to-slip-on when relaxing at your campsite. They are light, airy and feel great after a full days hike in cumbersome hiking boots.

You may want to consider wearing Crocs as a hiking shoe if you are traveling through even terrain and have multiple water crossings. However, if your hike involves rough and rocky terrain, wear supportive hiking boots and pack your Crocs to wear at base camp.