Tape is an invaluable tool for quick repairs. It requires no prior skill or mechanical knowledge.

It’s also portable, and can be purchased from many different merchants.

If you’re considering purchasing some heavy-duty tape for an upcoming trip, you may be overwhelmed by all the different options. What’s the difference between gorilla tape and tenacious tape?

How are they related to the more widely-known duct tape?

If you’ve ever gone on any outdoor excursion, you’ve probably taken one of these tapes with you. Some people buy two rolls – one for home use, and one for on-the-go.

A Brief Run-Down

If you’re in a hurry, tenacious tape is the best. It’s also the most expensive, but the quality is well worth it.

It’s good for permanent repairs, and pulls away with minimal damage when used for temporary patches.

Tenacious Tape

Tenacious tape is an incredibly strong tape. It’s preferred for fixing holes in camping gear like windbreakers, bags, tents, sleeping rolls – really, almost anything.

You can purchase tenacious tape either as pre-cut circles (measuring three inches) or in a roll. Pre-cut circles are often preferred because it eliminates the need to pack a cutting implement, reducing pack weight.

Some treat tenacious tape as a permanent repair solution. Others use it as a temporary fix until they can return home and sew any tears.

The only downside to tenacious tape is the cost – but, considering the quality, it’s well worth it.

Gorilla Tape

Gorilla tape is also popular for outdoor preparedness, though some consider it less aesthetically pleasing than tenacious tape. It’s been found in first aid kits.

Gorilla tape is very similar to duct tape. The two are sometimes used simultaneously; gorilla tape as a bottom layer, with duct tape on top for maximum strength and waterproofing.

Gorilla tape is inferior to tenacious tape when it comes to removal. If you’re using the tape for temporary fixes, you’ll find that it leaves a sticky, unsightly residue behind once removed.

This residue can make sewing much more difficult.

Ultimately, gorilla tape is good for cost-effectiveness, waterproofing, and strength. It is better than duct tape, which almost never works as a permanent solution.

Choosing A Tape

While many people consider tenacious tape to be superior, whichever you choose is ultimately up to you and your needs.

If you’re on a budget and don’t care about appearance, you should be perfectly happy with gorilla tape. If you’re looking for temporary fixes so you can sew broken gear later, preferring a nice, clean repair, then you should invest in tenacious tape.

Or, use both.

Strong repair tape is a must-have for outdoor and long-distance adventure. You can face the unknown with confidence – if something breaks, you’ll be ready.