Whether you’re headed out to go camping, or you just need to have a high-quality sleeping bag available when the adventure mood next strikes, you probably already know that there are hundreds of different sleeping bag brands and styles on the market.

However, not all of those brands have a reputation like TETON does. This brand has a wide variety of outdoors equipment in their line, and much of it comes with great reviews.

The TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag is becoming a popular sleeping bag, and now, our review will show you what is drumming up so much interest.

TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is known for being three different things: huge, warm, and lightweight. Those factors are key for a lot of outdoors lovers, and there’s no doubt that the TETON Sports Celsius excels at all three.


Who is this product for?

This product is for both the casual and the more advanced outdoorsy person who loves to spend time hiking, camping, and enjoying time in nature. The sleeping bag is warm enough to keep you toasty even on icy cold nights, and the size and weight are something that nearly every hiker can manage.

What’s included?

The only thing that comes with this sleeping bag is the bag where it goes in, and that’s all you need! The bag is a great addition because you can actually stuff the entire sleeping bag back into it and use the strings to compress it. No more learning how to do the perfect roll—all you need to do is be good at stuffing!

Overview of Features

There are a number of worthwhile features to examine in this product. Let’s start with those that really stand out, and then move on to those that leave some users scratching their heads.

First, it’s already been mentioned that it is super easy to pack up this sleeping bag. All you just have to do is stuff it in the small bag included. Easy!

Another nice feature is that this sleeping bag is really constructed to be usable even in freezing weather. The sleeping bag is rated to be usable in conditions all the way down to zero degrees Fahrenheit because of the add-ons like the mummy-style hood that would make sure that you will be warm once you get in the bag and stay warm all night long.

Additionally, the bag itself has a great protective coating and long warranty. What does this mean for you? It means durability! You can expect that this bag will last through many trips and adventures, always giving you a place to bundle up at the end of a long, exciting day.

One issue that some users did have with this particular sleeping bag is that it is crooked and then gets even more twisted when you sleep in it. This happened in some bags due to uneven stitching and can be thought of as a manufacturing error rather than a design error. If this were to happen to your bag, however, it should be easy to get a replacement.

Another deciding factor on whether or not you will love this sleeping bag will probably be dependent on how you feel about the material inside. The material is a soft, cotton blend, and it will feel just like you are curling up in a bed at home. However, some people found the material to be lacking because it is not quite as soft as a flannel material would be, but this decision is really entirely up to you because everyone likes different types of materials for their bedding.

Regardless of that fact, anyone who is looking for a super warm and super lightweight sleeping bag will find that this sleeping bag checks both of those boxes perfectly.

How to Use the Product

Using a sleeping bag like this one is just as easy as you think it is. Open it up, crawl inside, zip it up, and that’s it!

The most interesting part about using this bag is the way that you have to roll it, or not roll it at all. Do check out this video to see what we’re talking about:


How easy is that? There’s no planning necessary. When you’re heading out of the camp, just stuff the bag into the compression sack, squeeze tight on the strings, and you can be on your way in minutes. That’s simplicity that has to be admired, and TETON is really good at that type of invention.


If you’re searching for a product that is similar but can work in hot summers as well as cool weather, you might want something like the MalloMe Camping Sleeping Bag instead. This bag has very similar features and functionality to the TETON bag, but depending on where you live, it cannot work in weather that gets really cold as it may in the winter.

Alternatively, some people might want to get a sleeping bag that they can use to cuddle up with someone else rather than sleeping alone. If that’s the case, the TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Sleeping Bag is an interesting choice. This bag gives you the space to sleep two individuals but isn’t rated as highly for cold protection.


As you can see from our review, the TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag is a pretty interesting choice when it comes to sleeping bags that will work with you and not against you while adventuring out in nature.

Carrying the bag around is easy because it’s so lightweight. Sleeping in the bag is a no-brainer because it is comfortable, soft, and warm. You might even sleep better than you do at home. Finally, cleaning up camp and moving on is easy too because you can just stuff the sleeping bag into the compression sack without any complex rolling.

All in all, this sleeping bag makes it simple to head out into nature, at a moments notice, to relax, unwind, and enjoy the world around you without freezing overnight. If you are seeking a warm and comfortable sleeping bag, this should definitely be on your shortlist.