One of the most essential tools for outdoorsman is a quality-made hatchet. In truth, a hatchet is an indispensable tool for hikers, survivalists, campers and retreaters (preppers).

The variety of hatchets comes in many forms, from backcountry half-axes and full-sized to lightweight handy tools. The selections are endless.

One of the most popular small axes is the titanium hatchet, especially with long distance hikers and backwoodsman. This lightweight axe takes a lot of burden off the load that is carried.

In fact when you compare weight, a typical hatchet will weigh between 2 pounds to 2.5 pounds; whereas a titanium hatchet weighs about 1 pound. That is half the weight.

Although it may not sound like much, but 1 pound after hiking 10-20 miles seems like a lot of extra weight.

Some argue that a lightweight hatchet loses its effectiveness. For instance, a heavier hatchet can even be dull and still take good bites out of wood because of its weight.

According to Backpacking Light, the weight reduction is the titanium hatchets own enemy. Light is good but an axe still needs to be useful.

On the other hand, sometimes a larger axe can be very cumbersome and a knife just isn’t enough to get the job done. In contrast, the lightweight titanium hatchet actually has a variety of benefits:

  • Less cumbersome when hiking
  • It is lower cost than large axes
  • Compact size makes it easy to carry
  • Innovative blade geometry and ideal weight distribution
  • It is perfect for kindling and chopping small to medium sized logs

When it comes to selecting a quality titanium hatchet, it can get overwhelming with the numerous selections available. Here are two of the best lightweight titanium hatchets on the market:

10 oz. Lathe Axe Fiberglass Hammer with 13 Inch Handle

The Stiletto Lathe Axe Fiberglass Hammer is a hikers dream. It has a titanium milled faced hammer with a 13 inch curved Poly FG handle making it easy to maneuver when chopping wood.

The Lathe Axe design offers the similar striking force of 24 ounce steel hammer. That is a lot of force behind a lightweight structure.

In addition, the Stiletto Lathe Axe features the Stiletto’s signature Magnetic Nail Starter making a great tool for residential remodeling and framing. And when it comes to durability and standards, the Stiletto Tool Company has been renowned for high quality tools since 1849.

According to The Stiletto Tool Company, titanium is 45% lighter in weight but has the same strength and striking force as steel. Titanium also has less recoil shock which lowers the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • Ergonomic movement with hybrid curved/straight handle
  • Advanced epoxy handle has a 2x stronger bond between head and handle
  • Reduced arm fatigue and improved grip with integrated rubber over the molding


  • Not equipped for chopping large pieces of wood

The Schrade SCAXE9CP 18in Axe Saw Combo

The Schrade SCAXE9CP Axe Saw Combo features a 3.3 inch titanium coated stainless steel blade with a thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and glass fiber filled PA handle suited for camping, outdoor survival and everyday chores.

The blade itself is composed of dependable 3Cr13 titanium coated S.S. In addition, there is a 12.5″ full-extending saw blade that is stowed away in the handle ready to use when needed.

For ease of use, there is a push-button lock release that locks into 2 positions to attain the angle needed for safe sawing.

The Schrade SCAXE9CP Axe Saw weighs 2.12 pounds which reduces hand shock and allows you to work longer without tiring. It is a strong performing axe when it comes to camping, hiking, implementing bushcraft (wilderness survival skills) or other outdoor activities.


  • Durable and reliable blade composed of 3Cr13 Titanium Coated S.S.
  • Black, glass fiber filled PA and ergonomic thermoplastic rubber handle
  • Features a 12.5″ fully extending saw blade that is stowed away in the handle


  • Saw blade pops out sometimes while using the hatchet to chop wood


When compared to the Schrade SCAXE9CP 18in Axe Saw Combo, the 10 oz. Lathe Axe Fiberglass Hammer with 13 Inch Handle is definitely the winner.

Although both axes are similar in quality the Lathe Axe Fiberglass Hammer focuses more on axe quality instead designing the axe for multi-purpose functions like a sawblade.

Whether you chose the Schrade SCAXE9CP 18in Axe Saw Combo or the 10 oz. Lathe Axe Fiberglass Hammer; you will be happy to go with something durable yet lighter than a larger axe when exploring the outback.